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Explore South Iceland on horseback

At Hestheimar we offer riding tours to riders of all levels in the astonishing icelandic nature surrounding the farm. Our horses are well educated and we have horses for both beginners and experienced riders. 


We  specialize in rides for small and private groups - but also welcome bigger groups (maximum capacity is 15 people).

The tours will be guided and you will have a chance to get to know your horse in our indoor riding arena before riding out.


All riding and handling of our horses will be done whilst wearing approved safety helmets. These will be supplied by us. It is our responsibility to ensure the horses saddle and bridle are sat correctly, and you will of course receive proper introduction to your designated horse and riding instructions. 

Please note that when you are riding at Hestheimar, all riding and interaction with the horses will be at your own risk and responsibility.


For those who don't want to ride but do want to interact with and get to know more about the Icelandic horse, we can offer a guided tour in the stable.


We are open all year, but the longer tours are only available between April and September. Due to safety concerns tours may change during winter or bad weather conditions.

In the winter season we offer our visitors coffee, tea or hot chocolate in our cozy stable after the ride. 

River & Canyon Ride

Duration: 1 hour

Available April - October

Enjoy an one hour ride following a small trail, which crosses the 

river Steinslækur multiple times. During the ride you will have a magnificent view of the volcano Hekla, as we are heading to our secret canyon. The tour also provides the perfect opportunity to try the famous gait tölt.


1 person.................13.000 ISK

2 or more............11.000 ISK pp

Hestheimar Ride

Duration: 2 hours

Available all year

Enjoy two hours of riding in the breathtaking nature surrounding Hestheimar. The first hour of the tour will be on a small trail crossing

the Steinslækur river, which leads to a secret canyon. The tour also offer the opportunity to ride at different speeds on bridle paths, which are 

suitable for tölt, trot and gallop. 


1 person.................19.000 ISK

2 or more..........18.000 ISK pp

Winter Ride

Duration: 1 hour

Available during winter

Enjoy an hour of riding in the breathtaking winter wonderland surrounding Hestheimar. Riding in the winter in Iceland is magical. Our horses are shoed with special winter shoes with spikes allowing them to be sure-footed on the snow and ice. The tour offers also opportunity to try 'tölt'.


1 person.................13.000 ISK

2 or more..........11.000 ISK pp

Panorama Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Available April - September

Enjoy a 3 hour ride on bridle paths and through icelandic farm land. During the ride a panoramic view of the volcano Hekla, several glaciers and the Westman Islands can be experienced on clear days. The tour provides many opportunities to ride at faster speeds. 


1-10 persons....25.000 ISK pp

Day Tour

Duration: 4-5 hours

Available April - September

The four to five hours day tour offers a unique riding experience through the southern region of Iceland. The ride leads past two lakes and gives a magnificent outlook over the whole south. Furthermore it provides the perfect opportunity to try all the gaits of the Iceland horse. At the halfway point, we stop for our packed lunch. 


1-10 persons....35.000 ISK pp

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