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Hestheimar and Þjóðólfshagi is owned by Sigurður Sigurðarson - usually called Siggi Sig.

Siggi has been in the national team many times, he has won multiple icelandic championships titles, a world championship title and once hold the world record in 100m. pace. Just to name a few results; Siggi has won B-flokk at Landsmót in 1998 with the beautiful white mare, Kringla frá Kringlumýri. In 2005 he became World Champion in fourgait (V1) with Silfurtoppur frá Lækjarmóti. With Kjarnorka frá Kálfhólti he won B-flokk at Landsmót in 2011. At Landsmót 2012 he won A-flokk with Fróði frá Staðartungu scoring 8,94. And in 2014, he won B-flokk together with Loki frá Selfossi - reaching the amazing mark; 9,39. Now 8 years later, he has done it again, winning A-flokk at Landsmót 2022 with Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum 1. 


Siggi has been training, teaching and breeding almost all his life. He started breeding under the name, Þjóðólfshagi, in 2004, when he was based at the farm, Þjóðólfshagi 1. In the winter of 16/17 he bought the neighbour farm, Hestheimar. The two farms are now combined, but Hestheimar is used as the main facility, where all training takes place. Siggi still uses the name Þjóðólfshagi for his breeding.

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